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WWP: The Slender Man by Very-clever-name WWP: The Slender Man by Very-clever-name
Does anyone know how weird it is to draw someone with no face, no hair, and tentacle hands? It's Insane.

Name: January Tempest Lestat
Age: Unknown
Height: 7’0 (Usually)
Weight: 50 lbs
Race: The Slender Man
Class: Multimedia Productions Teacher
Relatives: None
Nationality: Unknown
Style: Creeper Suit
Orientation: Asexual
Significant body Markings: None
Spouse/Steady: None
Likes: Just Wandering, Being on Camera, Teaching
Dislikes: Bullies, Wikipedia, People thinking he’s a stalker

Biography: Mr. Lestat can’t talk, has a criminal record, doesn’t have hand, and doesn’t know the first thing about making people feel comfortable, but he understands the complex beauty of Cinematography better than most. Originally, January went to Wormwood Highschool to get a job as a Janitor, and was promptly turned down. After a few more tries and some convincing, January got the job. It was a few years before he got a promotion, looking after kids in study hall, and then a few more before he became the teacher for Independent studies. It was around that time that he met his closest friend, and future student teacher, Jay. Jay was the first person who could understand what January was trying to say to people, and was made January’s “Voice”, speaking for him when he really had to say things. Finally able to talk to people directly, January was given his last promotion, and became a real teacher, spreading his knowledge of how cameras and their wonder works. As a teacher, January is… weird, even by Wormwoods standards. He doesn’t use text books and he doesn’t do in class assignments, for the most part he just answers the questions people have about most everything and anything. He gives out tests and homework every now and then, but mostly you’re grade is based on the projects he gives students every few weeks. He keeps the lights real low in his classroom, making it easy for him to sometimes just sort of vanish, only to “Reappear” behind his student. Mr. Lestat, like his friend Mr. Dunwich, is liked by his students, but most of them find him absolutely terrifying, just from his Mythology and the rumors people spread about him. January, though, seems to enjoy scaring people, but only people he thinks deserves it (students who cheat, bullies, and etcetera). Mr. Lestat has been suspended as a teacher a few times, usually whenever younger children go missing, but due to lack of evidence he’s always been able to get back in. January considers himself a bit of a celebrity, ever since he "Cameod" himself into some poor kids’ college movie, and has taken to appearing in pretty much any group picture taken at Wormwood, and most people have grown used to his constant interruptions, though they still find it a bit aggravating. He’s also one of those teachers that doesn’t show up to class sometimes, just because he’s off wandering somewhere. No one really knows a whole lot about what he did before coming to Wormwood, he always changes the story he tells his students, so there’s a lot of mystery surrounding him and his life. January is a family friend of the Dunwich’s and the elder Caine’s, having known them since he first wandered into Wormwood, and so looks after their kids while they are at Wormwood. January, despite being unable to speak, has a lot to say on most topics, as well as a very open mind which has led to many students looking up to him (Secretly) as a sort of role model. His Visual Arts and Cinematography degrees hanging on the walls of the classroom are peoples only assurance that Mr. Lestat is qualified to teach them anything, and a few students are skeptical even of that. Despite being a drifter, no one really sees January walk anywhere; he just appears in rooms, often frightening everybody who didn’t expect him to be there. He’s been known to appear all over Wormwood, from the back alleys to the janitor’s closet, always just sort of standing around, not really doing anything. A lot of the parents to Wormwood students openly dislike Mr. Lestat because of the mystery surrounding his past, as well as certain rumors that appear around the internet, but upon meeting him, most parents agree that January is harmless, or, at the very least, as harmless as a seven foot faceless man with the ability to grow tentacles out of his back can be. A man who’s certainly more than he appears to be, January Lestat is everything you could want, and everything you could fear, about your Highschool teacher.

SalaDays belongs to *Tyshea
The Slender Man, Totheark, Marble Hornets all belong to Victor Surge, Troy Wagner, and Joseph DeLarge
Slayer-1412 Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
What a strange man he is :o
Very-clever-name Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2011
Isn't he though.
Slayer-1412 Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
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